Distillerie Bonollo: the centuries-old art of Grappa making

Since 1908, when Giuseppe Bonollo started using the then innovative steam stills, the corporate production philosophy has remained practically unchanged: to stay ahead of the times by creating the new technology, without forgetting what we already have - the fruit of experience.

Over the course of more than a century of hard work and great passion, year after year, the distillation system was continuously improved, with the aim of producing a grappa free of imperfections and distinguished by a marked frankness of taste.

The experience gained at Bonollo, combined with technological research, has led to the development of a fast, flexible system for the collection, analysis and conservation of the marc. The system is based on the principle that prompt delivery of the marc to the distillery and its perfect conservation are fundamental conditions for obtaining a grappa that meets the requisite fullness of aroma and lightness of taste, as laid out in the company's production philosophy: grappas which are true to tradition in terms of richness of aroma but also highly innovative in terms of delicacy and frankness, capable of appealing to and satisfying the different demands of today's consumers.

Full of enthusiasm as the fourth generation - Luigi, Elvio, Filippo and Giorgio - joined the company, the Bonollo family made considerable investments and the first tangible result of this commitment came about in 1999, when the first bottle of Grappa Of Amarone Barrique was made. This grappa spoke of a new and innovative type of product, able to win over the largest and most diverse range of consumers and to break the rigid, established rules of the industry.

Today, Bonollo is increasingly becoming a market leader for qualità. The communication manager, Dr Elvio Bonollo, confirms: “Our family, has always been attentive to technological innovation and to the use of quality machinery, has preferred to invest in the certeanty of the”Made in Italy” signed Pieralisi. We have choosen the experience of the Group  from Jesi by purchasing for our establishment of Conselve (PD),which is a place extremely rich of top quality prime materials, the centrifugal extractorJUMBO 3 provided with a rotovariator, because thanks to that machine which is used during the final stage of the productive process, we’ve been able to separate the liquid scrap from the solid one. By using that technology, the scrap is getting centrifuged in order to become dry and compressed and reducing at least in half, by that way, the quantity of the solid scrap, obtaining also, a significant energetic saving from its use.”

The Bonollo company has gained the status of eco-friendly distillery, as being particularly attentive to use the by-products of the distillation process: the depleted marc is getting dried up, in order to extract the grape seeds which are destined on the production of the precious oil; the grape skin, which is rich in cellulose, is applied to power the distillation process with steam, avoiding, in such way, the use of not recyclable fossil fuel.

Special attention to the production of excellent grappa so without neglecting the value of respect for the environment, determining factors that have claimed Bonollo as a brand of estimated recognition.

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