World Water Day

Water, an essential good but still a chimera for many people, was celebrated on March 22 in the World Water Day, that offers to Pieralisi Group the opportunity to confirm its commitment to the environment protection.

With this objetive Pieralisi has overcome the challenge of the future by developing innovative technologies that combine olive oil millers needs with the the preservation of the ecological balance.

It is proved by the last born in Pieralisi headquarters, the LEOPARD centrifugal extractor with DMF technology that produces an excellent olive oil rich in polyphenols and at the same time saves water and energy consuption. In addition, it does not produce polluting wastewaters which are difficult to dispose of and have always been an economic and legal problem to the miller.

Even the Pieralisi separators Plutone Marte and Saturno are designed with the clear commitment of saving water. thanks to their technology in fact separation occurs without addition of water, and then without production of polluting water.