Olive Oil in Brazil

Known businessman paulista starts industrialization of olive oil with the aim of mobilizing farmers in southern Brazil.

The first liter of olive oil produced from a variety of Greek harvested at Santana do Livramento, symbolize the challenge of known businessman "Luiz Eduardo Batalha".

"I made sure to get the plant for extraction of olive oil from" Pieralisi "and start production.'s The best way to show local farmers that they can plant olive trees, because the industry is here and working," he confides.

With the authority of those who started "the war of the burger in Brazil", introducing the fast food network Burger King (main rival McDonald's) in the country, the Sao Paulo businessman settled in the area for 10 years, does not hide the satisfaction of triggering a new revolution. "Producing olive oil in Pinheiro Machado is a dream. And who could have imagined it would happen so fast? Traveled the world to experience this distinctive taste, and could produce it here in Campanha Gaucha.

It is a very great accomplishment, "sentences, after tasting the final product of his epic, served a limited number of guests. Demonstration, alias, proved the potential of the region and presented the second step which is the challenge of industrialization. "We're still evaluating how we can explore each of the varieties available in the region," says Batalha, emphasizing that the tests are already scheduled with olives of Spanish and French for the next days.


Daring Projection

The commercial production of this new unit will start the harvest of 2014.
"The harvest of 2013 has already been done and now we need to adjust the details of the industry and complete some works. At first we have 20,000 feet of olives," he emphasizes. And productivity doubles every year, according to the businessman. "In the second harvest. Production will have our own 40,000 feet sentences.
The entrepreneur has invested approximately U$ 1,7 million in unit installed in Pinheiro Machado municipality in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and the highlight is the unit developed by Pieralisi, one of the most important market in the world spin, which can produce up to 500,000 liters of olive oil during the harvest. Volume that should be secured through a partnership with the City Hall of Pinheiro Machado, which provides for the centralization of all local production in this industry.