decanter centrifuges Jumbo HS 4

JUMBO Series

The JUMBO Series decanter centrifuges provide solutions to all technological problems of solid-liquid and solid-liquid-liquid separation.

The JUMBO Series decanter centrifuges are fitted with the following standard design features:

  • casing/frame design which ensures minimum vibration and noise level;
  • slenderness ratio up to 5.28:1, providing significant clarification length and volume, a remarkable advantage for processing;
  • vibration measurement and monitoring system;
  • stainless-steel of a high chemical-mechanical quality, according to processing requirements for all parts in contact with the product treated;
  • wear-protection of the scroll flights, the product feed zone and solids discharge zone (recoverable and/or easily replaceable);
  • automatic operation with minimum energy consumption;
  • vibration isolating elements with high damping efficiency;
  • smooth start-up of the decanter bowl revolution and adjustment of its rotational speed by VDF;
  • automatic lubrication system managed by the control panel.


  • Electro-mechanical ROTOVARIATOR: is designed and manufactured by the Pieralisi Group and is patented worldwide it ensures the continuous adjustment of the decanter according to the characteristics of the product supplied, thanks to the electronic control which provides the automatic adjustment of the scroll differential speed based on the instantaneous load; it allows to save energy transferring a part of the torque to therotation of the main motor;
  • Electrical panel and control system: measuring and monitoring system to control the main operating and process parameters; monitoring and control system of bearings’ temperature;
  • Advanced wear protection: sintherized Tungsten Carbide tiles on the scroll areas mostly subject to wear.


JUMBO series is designed to work also in torque control mode of the scroll, parameters are monitored and managed by a modern touch-screen operator panel. This version, combined with the innovative characteristics of our decanter centrifuge, maximizes the dryness contents in the separated solids.

The electric control panel designed for the JUMBO series is composed of two sections:
1. power control and distribution
2. process parameters control equipment.
This second section is operator friendly through an operator panel which allows the constant monitoring of the equipment functional status and the process parameters.



      JUMBO 2

      Total length [mm] 3675
      Total width [mm] 1580
      Total height [mm] 1720

      JUMBO 3

      Total length [mm] 3895
      Total width [mm] 1580
      Total height [mm] 1720

      JUMBO 4

      Total length [mm] 4305
      Total width [mm] 1580
      Total height [mm] 1720
The company reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.

Detailed Technical Data Sheets containing features, dimensions and performance data are available. Please contact us.