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Pieralisi GRoup new general manager

Pieralisi Group is proud to announce the appointment of Mauro Frattesi in the role of General Manager.

Welcoming the new General Manager, Eng. Gennaro Pieralisi, President and CEO, says “we place great confidence in the skills of Eng. Frattesi thanks to which we will improve Pieralisi competitiveness. Priority will be given to development and expansion of our presence in the global market, through continuous innovation of our products which have always been at the top for technology and the wide range of solutions provided".

Mauro Frattesi, 58 years old Mechanical Engineer, before joining Pieralisi held the position General Manager of Industrial Ferretti Group, managing the industrial restructuring and reorganization of the production sites of the group. He was then Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ferretti Group Asia Pacfic Ltd. based in Hong Kong. Among his previous experiences, the one at Merloni Group, where he began his career first as a Product Manager and later as Director of Strategic Marketing and Research and Development, he was General Manager of Edoardo Bianchi SpA, Joh.Vaillant GmbH, in Germany, and Corghi. All companies at the top of their field.