visita delegazione brasiliana


Three delegates of SECTEC, the Secretariat of Science and Technology of the State of Goiás, one of the ten largest economies of Brasil, visited the headquarters of Gruppo Pieralisi.

The visit, organized in partnership with Meccano SpA, Center for technological innovation of mechanical enterprises, is part of a Brazilian project for local development, whose main objective is to study the pattern of innovation and technology centers in Marche region and promote the exchange of technology and knowledge between the Marche and Brazilian companies.
The project proposes a new approach to business that sees an initial analysis of Brazilian companies needs and the subsequent research of technology offer from Marche region companies in order to promote the sale of products and services with high technology and quality contents.

The delegation, composed by Mauro Faiad (Secretary of Science and Technology of the State of Goiás), Carlos Eduardo Reche (Chief of Communication of the Secretariat), Aline Figlioli (Secretary of State of Science and Technology), was warmly welcomed by the Chairman of the Group Pieralisi, Mr. Gennaro Pieralisi, and the General Manager, Mr. Mauro Frattesi, who then accompanied them to visit the production plants and the R & D department of the Group.

The three members of the SECTEC have thus had the opportunity to appreciate the main industrial reality of Marche that has always stood out for its high technological innovation in Italy and abroad. Pieralisi is in fact present in all continents with subsidiaries, sales networks and service centers and serve directly the Brazilian market through Peralisi Do Brasil, located in Louveria in the state of San Paulo.