The Pieralisi Group wins an important project in China.

Under the guidance of Gennaro Pieralisi, the Group has in the last few weeks completed its financial reorganisation project.

In this period, Italian companies who are caught between the "credit crunch" imposed by the banking system and the growing difficulties of competing on their markets, continue, at best, to fall back on themselves and more often than not try to find foreign buyers.

The Pieralisi Group on the other hand, raises the bid to continue expanding in the world, pursuing its own ambitious project. With the assistance of the Advisors, Accuracy and HNF Associati, lengthy negotiations have in fact been completed with the leading Italian banks, who together with the shareholders, have refinanced the Group for more than 22 mill. €.

New products, new markets and the constant drive towards global leadership have always characterised the 135 years of history of the Group who was founded in Marche Region but is today present as an industry on all the continents and works in over 80 countries.

It is in this context that yesterday Engineer Mr. Gennaro Pieralisi announced the acquisition in China of an extremely important project, not only in terms of value, more than 6 million Euro, but because it was won against German, Swedish and Japanese competitors, in an important strategic market, like that of food biotechnologies, for an application, soya protein extraction, which is developing enormously all over the world.

The new factory opens July 2014 and will be in full production by October. It will be the largest in China, and has opted to use only Pieralisi centrifuges.

“It was thanks to our determination, the quality of our products and our human capital that we were able to win this project which our competitors tried in every way to win right to the very last minute", said Gennaro Pieralisi.

On his return from China, the CEO, Mauro Frattesi, pointed out that: “This excellent result comes from the commitment and passion of the company as a whole, the teamwork of Pieralisi women and men of five different nationalities who laid the cornerstones of our success.”