Pieralisi Group guest at "Al Jouf Olive Festival 2014"

Following the invitation of the Saudi Chamber of Commerce, the Pieralisi Group had the pleasure to attend the event Al Jouf Olive Festival, which was held on 14 to 24 January 2014, Saudi Arabia. Al Jouf Olive Festival aims to highlight the role of the olive and its products to create a better economic and social reality.
The exhibition is made up of several pavilions for companies specializing in the fields of agriculture, irrigation, fertilizers, packaging and marketing of agricultural products. Festival organizers have asked the Pieralisi Group to be at the head of the Italian delegation and through his professionalism and know-how to help, train and guide local farmers in the production of quality olive oils, which meet the highest international standards.

The Pieralisi Group was represented by its director of the Olive oil division Mohamad Faysal who ruled together with the organizers and associations of local growers, a training program based on a series of conferences and seminars sponsored by the Pieralisi Group, which will be held in Saudi Arabia Region next months.
This is for Pieralisi Group, a very important opportunity because Al Jouf - Sakaka is growing in the planting of olive groves, currently has 15 million olive trees of which 80 % is already productive.
Many of the companies producing olive oil in this area, are already customers Pieralisi, as well as the largest producer of organic olive oil, Al Jouf Dev. This company, in fact, has 3 lines Pieralisi DMF series for the extraction of olive oil from nearly a million and a half trees in production.
The goal of the Al Jouf Dev. is to reach 5 million olive trees and increase production confirming their loyalty to Pieralisi with the installation of other 5 lines over the next three years.

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