Pieralisi Group success in Bjelovar - Croatia

Within the scope of the continuous efforts for modernization of waste water treatment plants in Croatia in the last years, with specific focus on the change from old sludge dewatering technologies to new one by means decanter centrifuges, the environmental sector has experienced important investments which resulted in replacement of many of the older sludge treatment machines with more modern and higher capacity decanter centrifuges.

Pieralisi Group is proud of its significant presence in many of these projects through its exclusive sales agent and service provider in Croazia, COMING TRADE d.o.o.

One such project was implemented with great success by Pieralisi Group and MIAB d.o.o. in December 2013. The new dewatering unit is located in Bjelovar which is one of the most famous city in central Croatia, it is the administrative centre of Bjelovar-Bilogora County and at the last census, there were around 45.000 inhabitants.

The new equipment consist of n. two Pieralisi decanter centrifuges model HERCULES 470/2 HS with last improvement high speed technology which permits an high revolution speed of the bowl and, consequently, an higer G-force make better results in terms of cake dryness.

The final test was conducted in December 2013, decanters performance were tested varying the feed flow rate of the sewage sludge maintaining, at the same time, the inlet solids load around 550 kgDS/hr as per tender documentation. At the required flow rate up to 16 m3/hr the machines were able to reach very good results with cake dryness around 35% and the customer and end user were very happy with our system and pleased with successful project.

The positive results so far indicate that also in the future the centrifuges will ensure the required technology parameters and the operators will be satisfied in the long term. At the moment Pieralisi biggest equipment in Croatia is reality and an important client being satisfied and happy is a nice gift for continue efforts and improvements of Pieralisi Group!

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