New plant for the digestate treatment

In the last years, Pieralisi Group has provided different centrifugal extractors for solid / liquid separation of the digestate (output effluent from digesters) produced in different plants for energy recovery of organic wastes.

The acquired experience and the high level of know-how, making the group leader on this application, are continually confirmed by the new installed machines and the requests of additional installations.

At the beginning of February 2014, at Foglia Umberto srl plant, in Guglionesi (CB) Italy, Pieralisi Group has set the JUMBO4 HS RTV DFA decantergoing, which is the latest version of HS, for the treatment of the digestate produced by FORSU anaerobic digestion for biogas production.

The Pieralisi technology centrifugation plant is fully automatic and very flexible. It is designed to be self-adapted to the characteristics variations of the input digestate (solids load). Pieralisi Group showed, once again, an excellent separation efficiency ensuring from the decanter output the following:

a clarified liquid, free from suspended solids and characterized by a low COD value which allows considerably reduced operating costs for the next stage of the biological treatment, and
a dehydrated solid of a high concentration of solid matter.

For further information of the centrifugal extractor, visit the web site page of the new Jumbo HS series