Tenuta Piantatella Oil wins the “Biol Novello” prize

"Tenuta Piantatella Oil" is the winner of "Biol Novello", the prologue of the new edition of the Biol Prize, the international event for the best organic extra virgin olive oil.
The award is a small "preview" of the work of the official Panel event which has also awarded certificates to the best new olive oils from about fifty producers, despite the poor harvest.
In second place “Terraliva” from Siracusa-Sicily and the third place to  "Librandi Oil" from Cosenza-Calabria.

The proclamation of the new award took place in the beautiful frame of the Hall of Mirrors of the Royal Palace of Caserta, during the award ceremony of the best organic olive oils of several Italian territories.

The winning oil is produced in Statte, near Taranto-Apulia, by the homonymous farm Gagliulo Domenico, a Pieralisi customer from over fifteen years. The accuracy in the production of oil in all its phases has allowed Piantatella farm to win many awards, including the prestigious "Biol Novello".

Pieralisi technology is once again rewarded and with it the good work done by our customers.