CNO guest of Pieralisi Spa

A delegation of the National Olive Growers’ Cooperative (CNO) headed by the President Gennaro Sicolo, was hosted by Gennaro Pieralisi at the headquarters in Jesi last Thursday April 9th, 2015.

“We discussed the developments of the worldwide olive growing system and it was a helpful and constructive meeting with many interesting suggestions” affirmed the President of CNO Gennaro Sicolo. “Pieralisi is an industrial group that has reached a worldwide vertical position. It is an Italian excellence that has contributed to the reputation of our olive grower system” continued Sicolo. “Together with the managers of CNO we appreciated their attention to quality, their willingness to innovation and experimentation, the international projection of the group and their strong awareness of the value of Italian roots.”    

“In this time of uncertainty and weakness of the olive grower sector in our country” concluded Sicolo, “it is encouraging to know that in Italy there is a specialized industrial group, able to put at our disposal the best technology to maintain our lead based on quality and to conquer more and more spaces in the market at international level.”