On 10 September, more than 2,000 people attended in Malagon the celebration of the centenary of Grupo Cooperativo Montes Norte. The ceremony was attended by the Councillor of Agriculture of Castilla-La Mancha, the mayor of Malagon and other regional and provincial authorities and was chaired by Isabel García Tejerina, the Minister of Agriculture who highlighted the importance of the food sector for the economy and national development, wishing Montes Norte hundred more years of success.

During his speech, Miguel Angel Toribio, Chairman of the Group, stressed the great work of the 7,500 members, whose efforts helped make Montes Norte one of the largest farms in Castile-La Mancha, the largest mill in the region and one of the largest wine's producers.

The Group has its origins in the Cooperativa Santísimo Cristo del Espiritu Santo, founded in 1915, and in other cooperatives in the area, formed in the early twentieth century, at the time of the first agrarian laws and aid of the Catholic Church to the agricultural sector. (This is why the majority of the Spanish agricultural cooperatives are named after saints or virgins).

Montes Norte is today a second degree structure (the members are cooperatives) with a first degree operation (the members are producers), so the partners composed of ten wine cooperatives and ten mills, keep their legal status.

Pieralisi Group as the main supplier of the cooperative, couldn’t miss the Gala. Mauro Frattesi, the General Manager of the Group, received the award. First he related how one of the first sales of Pieralisi Group in Spain has been done with Cooperativa Santísimo Cristo del Espiritu Santo, and then explained how the cooperative has gradually expanded the fleet over the year (today the mill has five Pieralisi continuous plants) putting itself forward for its continuous investment in the latest technological innovations developed by Pieralisi. Mauro Frattesi, after thanking for the award, concluded that the best reward for Pieralisi Group is customer satisfaction.

On such an exciting day, Pieralisi Group paid tribute to all the cooperatives of Spain, well represented by Grupo Montes Norte, a reference point for quality and a job well done in the olive oil and wine sector.