The new Pieralisi DMF technology arrives in Spain

The first decanter Leopard of Pieralisi Group has just been installed in Spain in Bailén (Jaen), in the new plant of S. Cooperativa Agrícola de Bailén Virgen de Zocueca, also known for its brand of extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, Picualia.

The new space, officially opened on September 26, 2015, is one of the most advanced and modern olive mills in the world, a project that has involved an investment of 12 million Euros.

The Cooperative, in renewing its machinery, has relied on the most advanced technologies of Pieralisi Group. The plant, with a milling capacity of up to 30,000,000 kg of olives, consists of four SPI-333 series centrifugal extractors, two SPI-444 series centrifugal extractors, a LEOPARD 8 centrifugal extractor and a protoreactor.

The DMF Pieralisi LEOPARD decanter is the evolution of the two phase system, which combine in a single machine the advantages of working without the addition of water with the simplicity of a three-phase decanter. Thanks to DMF tecnology, Leopard allows to produce a superior quality oil, with a very high yield and a considerable water and energy saving.

Picualia has choosen Leopard decanter mainly for the advantages the new technology can offer:  it produces olive oil richer in polyphenols, more fruity, bitter and spicy, it produces a dehydrated husk similar to the one coming from a three-phase decanter, it allows to recover a certain quantity of husk - calledpâté” - ideal for various uses, turning a by-product to be disposed of into added value for the miller and it contributes to the environmental protection because it does not produce vegetable water.

In Italy, Leopard decanter is installed in nearly one hundred olive mills and many of these are among the most prestigious brands of Italian olive oil.

Not only in Italy, Leopard has already found place all over the world, in many foreign markets such as Turkey, North Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, US, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

We are sure that even in Spain Leopard decanter will have a huge success in a short time!