The revival of the Italian olive growing starts from Spoleto

The two-day conference devoted to the Italian olive growing was held on 13th and 14th November at the theatre Caio Melisso “Spazio Carla Fendi” in Spoleto. The purpose of the conference was to reflect and confront on the possible solutions to emerge from the crisis affecting the sector.

The title of the conference organized by the National Academy of Olive and Oil in collaboration with the Municipality of Spoleto was “The revival of the Italian olive growing: technical aspects and guide lines”.
The conference underscored the technical-scientific aspects but above all it provided an opportunity for the  national and regional institutions to look and debate.

Together with the local institutions, the President of the National Academy of Olive and Oil, Riccardo Gucci of the University of Pisa, Mauro Meloni of the Extra Virgin Consortium and expert professors of the University of Perugia, Pisa, Firenze, Udine and Palermo participated to the conference. Also the representative of producers, processors, industrialists associations took part in the conference as well as the representative of the different Italian oil-growing regions.

On the 14th the conference was devoted to the farmers who have introduced important innovations in the types of implanting and management of the olive groves of their companies in different Italian oil-growing regions.

The Italian olive growing – explained the President of the Academy, Riccardo Gucci – is afflicted by a fall in the competitiveness due to the high costs in production and low productivity of the traditional plants that have determined a gradual reduction in the national production. It is necessary to take action in a structural manner to invest in this trend. The recent budget of 32 million Euros from the Government to the olive grower sector is the first step in the right direction.”

The conference presented the technical solutions and the guide lines for the renewal of the Italian olive groves in order to focus investments according to criteria of cost effectiveness, reliability and environmental sustainability. The new type of implanting and the modern management of the olive groves should enter the other segments of the sector and guarantee the strengthening of our oil-production identity.