New olive oil museum D.O. Sierra del Moncayo – Saragozza

Pieralisi Group which has always been close to the olive oil world and to its development, has supported the creation of the new olive oil museum D.O. Sierra del Moncayo (Saragozza).

The inauguration of the museum was held last 17th November in the presence of Javier Lambán, the President of Aragona Government together with other councilors.

The museum is located in the ancient tank of Verula Monastery, an architectonic jewel immersed in the wonderful natural environment of Moncayo. It is an interpretative centre telling the origins of the precious liquid gold and the production process of extra virgin olive oil.

The museum houses some illustrations supplied by Pieralisi Group which show different olive oil production systems, from the old mill in stone to the different type of presses up to the Pieralisi current continuous system.

Outside the museum, a little olive grove shows five varieties of olives that make the extra virgin olive oil of D.O., Empeltre (the majority with 80% of the harvest), Arbequina (15%), Verdial, Royal and Negral (5%).

Sierra del Moncayois one of the two designations of origin of extra virgin olive oil of Aragona region and covers the region of Tarazona, Moncayo and Campo de Borja, west of Saragozza province. The other DO, Bajo Aragon, is located in the south-east of Saragozza province and north-east of Teruel province.

Pieralisi Group highlights the production of all the Aragonese olive growers who have demonstrated to have obtained a high quality olive oil.