The “Fête de l’huile nouvelle” celebrates its 25th edition

Pieralisi Group has participated as a sponsor at the 25th edition of the "Fête de l'huile nouvelle des Mouliniers de la Vallée des Baux-de-Provence" held on December 4th in Eygalières in France.

This festival was founded in 1991 by the Association of Olive Millers of the Baux-de-Provence Valley to oppose the effects of the international standardization of olive oils. Twenty-four years later the festival is considered an unprecedented event attended by journalists, radios and televisions where many people and famous personalities of movies, songs and political world could "taste" the new olive oils.

In such an important event in the world of olive oil couldn’t miss Pieralisi Group, represented by the General Manager, Mauro Frattesi.