On 25th February the president of the Entrepreneurs Confederation of Jaén(CEJ) Manuel Alfonso Torres hosted in its headquarter the president of Pieralisi Group, Gennaro Pieralisi and the general director of Pieralisi Spain Giuseppe Parma. This meeting strengthened the relationship between Pieralisi Group and Jaén province where in the GEOLIT park of Mengibar, it has one of the two Spanish establishments.

During the visit Gennaro Pieralisi announced an agreement of cooperation between Pieralisi Company and the members of the confederation. Pieralisi highlighted that “The integration in the organisation confirms the commitment towards a fundamental province for our business” and a field in which “We keep on offering the best technological solutions to become more competitives”. Gennaro Pieralisi defended the role of professional associations in which he has been working for more than forty years. These associations are important because of the contribution they give to society.

Manuel Alfonso Torres said that “The entrance of the Pieralisi Group is very important for the Entrepreneurs Confederation of Jaén because of the efforts that the Group makes to innovate and for the will to face the continuous challenges emerging in an evolving field. There is still a margin of improvement in the production field, in the quality and commercialization field. The CEJ president considered that the Pieralisi’s presence will transmit the strategic and international vision of a leader company. He asked Pieralisi the active participation in the councils and in the committees in which the Confederation is present above all in commercial fields where the company is a leader as for instance industry and environment.