The Eng. Gennaro Pieralisi welcomed a number of oil millers from Marche region who decided to take part in the open day on 1st March 2016.

During the day the hosts had the chance of visiting closer all the development product process, starting from the design and the presentation of the technical office, followed by the visit in the production departments and in the test department, ending with the visit of the new showroom.

The tour ended with an in depth meeting about Pieralisi’s innovations with the witness of Beniamino Tripodi about DMF technology and Leopard. The only two phases extractor that produces deshydratated husk which looks like the one produced in three phases that retrieves the pulp of the husk. The “pâté” is  ideal for the agronomic usage and for the zootechnical feeding.

As confirmationthat the Pieralisi innovations are already a strong reality, the guests had the chance of  listening as witnesses two oil-millers from Marche region , Lorenzo Mosci from the“Frantoio F.lli Mosci” in San Marcello (in the province of Ancona) and Ugo Gaetano Agostini from the Frantoio Agostini in Petritoli, in the province of Ascoli Piceno that, with their evidences, they have shown why they have chosen the new DMF technology.

“My choice, - stated Mosci– and I am satisfied with that, was made because of different reasons as for example the disposal of the vegetation water. The latter created so many problems and was a huge cost for the company. What is more, just with the Leopard we managed to improve the olive-oil characteristics in an area like ours where the principal cultivar is the Leccino low in polyphenols.”

What makes good oil is the technology - claimed Agostini– to be up to date is useful in order to follow the customer and to satisfy the tastes that have changed through years as the olive oil. This has been possible thanks to the Leopard 6 DMF Pieralisi: a decanter technologically advanced that produces a higher quality extra virgin olive oil compared to the others. With the Leopard we do not have anymore waste water to be disposed, the olive oil is dense, rich in flavour, in tastes and in polyphenols.”