The event was introduces by Andrea Pieralisi, a Pieralisi’s member of the administration council, Giuseppe Parma, CEO for Spain, and Juan Antonio Parrilla Gonzalez, marketing responsible in Picualia.

Feedbacks had been given to the forecasts for next oil year, focusing on  the recent news successfully introduced in Italy and its new products that Pieralisi has in the Spanish market.

Juan Manuel Armenteros, who is the technical responsible of the After-Sales service in Spain,  spoke about these news publicising first of all the new machine installed in Picualia: the Protoreactor which is the last tested innovation that makes possible to reduce the time for kneading and it allows to improve the oil organoleptic quality thanks to the presence of polyphenol. Moreover he introduced the Leopard: a decanter with DMF technology that produces fruity oil, bitter and spicy.

News in the market of kernel separators were introduced as Sansone and the new vertical separators, Mercurio and Nettuno provided with a wider ability compared to the range of Pianeti separators currently presents.

In the end, they spoke about the SPI 888 which is a machine that embodies all the other SPI qualities giving the same excellent results combined with the elevated capability of production that exists today in the market. At any time Armenteros was accompanied by Beniamino Tripodi, the commercial responsible for Northern Italy that brought some data from Italian universities about the advantages given by the Leopard, due to the fact that in Italy its commercialisation is wider (more than 200 machines).

The assistance made by more than 400 people, all connected to oil-mills and the cooperatives was a major success.

Pieralisi wants to thank Picualia for its partnership.