Oriental rendezvous for Pieralisi Group

Last June the Pieralisi Group went to China to visit the politic authorities from the Shandong province, in particular Liaocheng city and some important customers.

Liaocheng city and the Shandong province, cradle of the great essay Confucio are crucial for the group. Here there is the biggest Pieralisi China’s customer, Lanshan Group, the first producer of soya proteins in china and the second in the world.

The visit continued in the Technical University of the city where the Pieralisi Group has been cooperating for two years laying the foundations for future cooperation and research projects. A placement for some students from the Engineering Faculty was agreed in the Group’s Service department. Great interest was raised by the visit in the Ganzu region: a land deeply devoted to agriculture where there are some of the most important customers of the olive oil division.

The first aim was to found the cooperation that, thanks to the acknowledged and long experience of Pieralisi Group, will lead the local producers to the international showcase made of quality and olive oil culture. In fact Pieralisi Group, thanks to its elevated know-how, is going to be in charge of teaching and sharing working methodologies and starting a partnership aimed to make every single customer grow.