“It is not possible to count the money you save with Pieralisi’s integral system: with the presses you work all day and all night long; charge, clear out, clean and fill it again. Here, with 10 hour of work you do the same work made by two presses but in a half day’’.

Víctor Marqués talks. He is the technical director of Bodegas Murviedro,where Pieralisi has installed the integral system with the decanter MAMMOTH 3. We have just asked him which advantages he has obtained, since he has chosen this system. We visited him in the province of Valencia, in Utiel, a little village dedicated to the agriculture and the winemaking. A little place from which it is possible to see the great Mediterranean sunsets and admire amazing snowfalls in winter.  Víctor tells us his story knowing that he has done a great job. You can see it in his eyes. He was helped by Pablo Ossorio: the enologist (one of the most famous in Europe) who had supported Pieralisi in the realization of the ideal machine for the winemaking, who ‘till last year was still working with Murviedro.

As it is told by Juan, a Bodega Murviedro collaborator, the Integral System is a machine that works properly all year long. With other technologies it is not always possible: we work one or two months a year, that’s why this is a technology that will change the way we produce wine. He tells us that in the future universities, in their opinion, people will study a way to collect grape and a winemaking process of this type. A system that not only doubles and multiplies exponentially the speed, but it allows you to change the type of grape. In other technologies once you put red grape in the machine you cannot quickly put the white one, and so on. You have to work a week on a wine, and then once finished, you start with another one because the machine needs to be washed, disinfected and prepared for a new treatment.

Wineries Murvidero is one of the first wineries in Europe that can rely on a completely integrated system. Pieralisi has developed a technology that was missing in this area: by the pneumatic press (method still in use in the greatest part of the wineries in the world, editor’s note) the grape is “raped’’, on the other hand with Pieralisi’s method it is not. That is why we work both on the quantity but also on the quality.

“We are sincerely happy of being the first winery that relies on a totally integrated system. We are also very glad and fulfilled for having been involved in this project and for having been a partner of Pieralisi. Gerardo has not gone away during the harvest. This means take care of costumers. If there was a problem, Pieralisi’s engineers were always willing to come here and solve it, and this means collaboration between leader enterprises.” 

We meet again Víctor Marqués on our way. He explains us what convinced him to rely on Pieralisi.

“Its versatility: it is a very well-rounded machine. It has the right quality for our product. The decanter, for example, it is one of the best in the business, or maybe the best one. It allows a sedimentation and a fermentation in which remains the primary flavor of the grape, it is easy to use, it makes everybody happy: the producer, the winemaker, the investors, who can think about new production cycles.’’

Victor and Juanare so proud of their wines and their land, and we are proud of our machine that has enabled them to realize all this, with knowledge, passion and dedication.


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