On 9th July in Recanati the 42nd National Assembly of the Olive Oil City took place. For 20 years it has been promoting the olive oil culture and safeguarding the olive landscape

The initiative was realised tank to the contribution of the Municipality of Recanati and thanks to the Pieralisi Group.

The meeting was about the “The Extra Virgin Olive Oil: from the Field to the Culture” and Experts and operators of the olive field participated into it. Between them there was Beniamino Tripodi that illustrated some of the strength and the weaknesses of the olive-growing industry. These are for example the excessive fragmentation that does not permit economy scale, the low production of olive oil for each acre and the consequent shortage of the Italian production that hardly covers the 35-40% of the national need.

It was underlined how in the transformation of the olive oil there are bright and dark sides: installations with innovation technology marked by quality, yield and environmental sustainability but also old and obsolete installations.

There are some hopes about the New Regional Development Plans which will lead to the innovation of the latter installations and, considering the limitation of the fund, to the renovation of medium size installations without creating an excessive fragmentation of the transformation unities. In the end there were shown Pieralisi’s news introduced for the olive oil transformation field inspired by the needs of the olive-growing industry and aimed to help the customers in being competitive.