Protoreattore Pieralisi


The new malaxing era is called Protoreattore® Pieralisi

With Protoreattore® the Pieralisi Group has gained supremacy in the field of machines for the production and extraction of olive oil. A unique system in the world olive oil market revolutionizing the traditional process of malaxing ensuring important advantages both in the processing of continuous and batch production.

The greater quality of the processed product is in fact due to the drastic decrease in the malaxing time and the automatic management of the malaxing parameters; capacity, time and temperature. Energy savings thanks to the reduction of the processing time and heat losses.

Lower investment costs with the same processing capacity thanks to the significant removal of the malaxing basins.
The processed oil result is seen by clear and measurable data: an increase in the presence of polyphenols, improved organoleptic quality.

A technological revolution leading Pieralisi’s customer in the new malaxing era.


The company reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.