The Committee and the Municipal Longnan Government with the Forestry Department and the Science and Technology one have organized a forum dedicated to the theme: “Features and Maintenance of Modern Production Line For the Extraction of Olive Oil”.

The event took place on the 1st and 2nd August 2016 in the Wudu District, Longnan, in the province of Gansu. Pieralisi Group from Italy has been there with a delegation made up of Mohamad Faysal who has spoken about the characteristics and the maintenance of modern production lines to extract olive oil, and Denis Animali, Gavin Zhang from Pieralisi China and the Chinese agent Tony Gu.

The forum focused on the development of solutions aimed to reduce poverty in industrial areas through the exchange of national and international resources; moreover it was interested in the improvement of the olive production in China. The fundamental steps to improve the Chinese competitiveness are: promoting the innovation and integrating the technology as well as promoting the optimization of the olive oil industry structure and keeping up with the time.

The olive growing can be the right means for the regional economy improvement and it is already considered a strength for Longnan’s farmers because olives are an important part for their income; nowadays the city has 13 companies dedicated to the transformation of olives, 15 extra virgin olive oil production lines and 20.000 tons of processed olives every olive oil campaign.