“Expoliva 2017”, the most important exposition in the olive oil industry, is now over, and the Pieralisi Group once again ended up being the most outstanding company. Number do not lie, and the attendance to the booth, where the latest innovations such as the Protoreattore®, the Leopard, the Scorpion, and the SPI 666 were being exposed, demonstrates the curiosity of prospect customers as well as the loyalty of existing everlasting ones.

During the two days, busy with conferences and events, President Gennaro Pieralisi has been awarded twice. The first award came from the AEMODA association (Spanish Association of Olive Oil Mills) for 50 years of business with Pieralisi Spain: it was a way to acknowledge to the President’s merit for making Spain a leader in the olive oil production thanks to the Pieralisi machines. Pieralisi’s products – explains Gennaro Pieralisi – have allowed the Spanish extra virgin olive oil to reach the next level. After 50 years of succeses in this country, I am feel extremely accomplished by the results achieved. The second award came from the Expoliva exposition itself, and was to honor the success, the professionalism, and the passion for the olive oil world "Because - say the President- innovate and create is my life".

Our president has demonstrated these peculiarities over time, honoring the name of the Group worldwide. Furthermore, the company, which always pays particular attention to the customers’ needs and innovations of the industry, is always up to date, and every day at work represents a research on quality and progress.