Big participation of associates at the Italian olive oil franchise (Aifo) congress, hosted at Jesi by Pieralisi Group. During the intense two-days of discussions and debates, in which all the major representatives of the olive industry took part, one important concept has been reaffirmed: the unanimous willingness to proceed together on the path taken to give greater strength to the industry.

The Deputy Minister forAgricultural policy Andrea Oliviero was also present. He reiterated the Government’s commitments on the main topics of the olive oil agenda: quality and quantity of production, Xylella, fight against fraud, labeling and the need to distinguish between different extra virgin olive oils depending on their organoleptic characterizes and health properties.

Aifo’s President, Piero Gonnelli, in his speech reaffirmed the value of the “artisan” content of the mill’s work as a warranty element for the consumer, underlining the importance of increasing the value of the great Italian varietal heritage, a distinctive element of extra-virgin oil in the world.

The conferences that animated the two dayshave been interestingly devoted to the prospects of the olive cultivation, the fire regulation in the mills and the health principles of the oil.

In greeting the audience, president Gennaro Pieralisi has highlighted the absolute need to produce more olive oil in Italy where, between domestic consumes and exports, more than one million tons are requested, towards a production that in the best case can reach 400 thousand tons. Mr.  Pieralisi showed concern about Xylella’s situation, especially for delay into finding a solution, with all the risks involved in its spread.

Finally, there has been a visit to Pieralisi headquarters undergone by all the present producers. They were able to evaluate the high level of automation in the production of high technological olive oil plants, allowing Pieralisi to maintain undisputed his world leadership.