Quality, innovations, future opportunities and new techniques for crushing. These were some of the topics on June 27th in Pistoia during the Workshop organized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Department of Agrarian, Alimentary and Environmental Sciences of Perugia University.

The conference, named “Quality and innovation of the Italian oil and olive-growing industry”, has the goal to illustrate the technical solutions and development to shape innovation in the extraction technologies, in order to be the best in quality and competitiveness in the olive oil production.

On this regard, the Sales Manager of Pieralisi Group, Beniamino Tripodi, had a speech about the innovations of Pieralisi machines: “Pieralisi technologies – says Beniamino Tripodi - aim to supply top quality in the oil extraction, without losing sight of the yield extracted and minimizing the problem of waste water to be disposed. The new Pieralisi machines Protoreattore® and Leopard, in fact, have definitely changed the extraction system philosophy, thus giving as a result top yield with low environmental impact”.

In conclusion, this conference has been extremely positive for Italian olive oil industry with important exchange of views and interesting suggestions to start looking forward and to continue to be competitive on quality and customer requests.