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The reproduced information is subject to amendments or updates without the right to prior notice for the user. PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. also reserves the right to make, at any moment, amendments and/or improvements to the products and/or programmes described on the website, without prior notice being given to the user, and without the user being able to claim any right from such.

The use of the information supplied is at the sole risk and attention of the user: PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. shall not be responsible for the suitability of the information supplied for any requests expressed by the user. Therefore the suitability of the information given for the resolution of the various problems brought to the attention of PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A., is not guaranteed by the latter in any way whatsoever.
Furthermore, in providing such information, PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. does not grant the user any licence to use copyrights, patents or any other intellectual property rights, however variously communicated PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. does not accept the transmission, through the website, of information of a confidential or classified nature of the user or third parties with respect to such.
All material sent by the user to PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A., even if concerning third parties, shall not be considered as confidential and the user shall be solely responsible for the nature, the ownership and the type of material sent, therefore discharging PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. from any consequences.

The transmission of information and/or materials of any type or nature to PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A., grants the latter the unrestricted, irrevocable right to use, reproduce, display, realise, modify, transmit and distribute said materials and information on the website: www.pieralisi.com, always in observance of the law. Any transmission of information shall count as consent for PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. to freely use the material transmitted for any purpose within the law. However, the user’s name and the provenance of the data shall not be disclosed, nor shall the fact be publicised that the user has submitted materials or other information to PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A., except when: (a) the user directly gives authorisation for the use of such data at the moment of data transmission, (b) the user is previously informed by PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. that the material or information sent to a specific section of the website, shall be published or otherwise used with the reproduction of the user’s name, (c) it is expressly required by law.

COMMERCIAL RELATIONS In using the website, the user also acknowledges and accepts that:
- PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the user, websites and website addresses which are accessed through the website, even if these contain the logo "GRUPPO PIERALISI".
- When the user accesses a website or uses an address, as above, the user is aware of operating in and with a website that is independent from PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. and that the latter has no control over its content.
- The presence of a link to a non-PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. website does not imply the approval or acceptance of responsibility by PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. concerning the content or use of said website.
- The user is obliged to take all necessary measures and precautions to ensure that any material which is obtained and/or used is free from destructive consequences for the user, as may occur in the event of the transmission of viruses, worms, Trojan horses and similar.

PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. shall not be responsible, in any event, for any direct, indirect, particular or consequential damage resulting from the user accessing the present website or other websites, or addresses to which access is gained by a hyperlink present in the present website, including, without limitation, damage such as any loss of profits or turnover, interruption of company or professional activity, the loss of programmes or any other type of data located on the user’s computer, or any other type, of system.

All information is supplied by PIERALISI MAIP S.P.A. strictly in an "as it is" condition. Therefore the company shall not be responsible for, nor provide, any explicit or implicit guarantee, including the implicit guarantees concerning the suitability for a particular purpose, the marketability and non-infringement of the regulations for use by additional users.

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