On the IFAT 2012 the Pieralisi Group introduced its New High Speed (HS) Decanter series featuring innovative technology and design.

The innovative technology employed provides a centrifugal acceleration 18 to 20% higher than traditional decanters and is designed to provide optimal solutions to a variety of applications, including the treatment and dewatering of sludge from industrial and municipal wastewater.
The new HS series also introduces numerous technical improvements aiming at improvig product efficiency, such as the technology used for the wear resistance protection of the screw ensuring greater reliability and a longer machine life. This means reduced servicing and consequently less operating costs.
The electrical control panel features a PLC and a touch screen control board enabling an easier and more efficient operation of the entire work cycle of both the decanter and the machines on line.

The advanced design featuring a larger footprint on the ground (the machine being lower and larger than the previous series) ensures high stability and reliability – a customary Pieralisi strongpoint – thanks to reduced vibrations and increased rotation speeds. Moreover, all mechanical parts are placed under the same cover in a user-friendly position and are easy to reach for more rapid and economical servicing operations.