slop oils

Slop oil

Slop oil from Refinery
In the Recent years,not only the users but also the Refineries have experienced the Significant Increase in the Cost of Crude . Refining Waste, that was a of little interest until a few years ago, has now become not only a a source of Income and a significant figure for the Bottom line, but also has a bearing on the Impact on the Environmental .
Using Pieralisi Separation Solutions equipment for the Periodic cleaning operations of the Tank bottom of Refineries, Fuel depots, API tanks and the leftovers of primary processing of refineries it has possible to Recovera high value Raw material to be Reused after appropriate processing.

Slop oils - Lagoons
Open air lagoons (some with a surface of several square miles) generated by Processes Leftovers of Refineries are located all over the world. lie abandoned since decades. Pieralisi provides package systems installed in ISO-containers in order to facilitate the handling from one lagoon to another. Pieralisi solutions can be designed and manufactured according to the users specific requirements in terms of supply’s purpose, functionality, environmental specifications, construction specifications and safety in the installation and operation place.

Slop oils – Lube oils Recovery and Recycling
Pieralisi Separation Solutions are the result of the years of commitment and experience of this Application. The complete systems or the individual centrifugal systems are now the Preferred technology for the treatment of Exhausted Lube oils whatever be their ultimate destination: Incineration, Combustion or Regeneration.