impianto continuo IL MOLINETTO


Conceived on the basis of the most advanced technology, IL MOLINETTO is a compact plant, specially designed for those who want to make their own oil easily and cheaply. Made entirely of top-quality stainless steels, the system features minimum overall dimensions and highly advanced technologies allowing to obtain oil of highest quality and excellent yields.

The basic plant is ideal to start with and able to guarantee optimum levels of output and ease of use.
It is equipped with:

  • a mechanical crusher with olive loading hopper
  • a kneader with hot water circulation jacket complete with an electrical heating component a thermostat and a recycling pump
  • a mono pump for paste transfer
  • a centrifugal extractor for twophase running
  • a general control panel

The basic configuration of IL MOLINETTO can be upgraded by adding:

  • “florentine vase” * or, as an alternative CUCCIOLO separator
  • oil-collecting tank with filter screen and oil transfer pump
  • mono pump for husk discharging
  • stainless steel skid

All accessories can be purchased separately at a later date.

* The “Florentine vase” is a special continuous gravity separator that preserves all the organoleptic features of the oil. It comes from the Tuscan tradition of the “Florentine vase”, is made of glass and enables the machine operator to follow the natural water-oil separation process.


Technical Data

Installed power [kW] 14
Capacity [l] 350
Production [Kg/h] 150 - 300


The company reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.