Optima L20 washing machine

OPTIMA series washing machine

The special washing system of the Pieralisi hydropneumatic olive washing machine guarantees total removal of soil attached to the olives as well as leaves and any other foreign body.

Water consumption is limited because the water, during its circulation, deposits all the sediments removed; thus ensuring constantly clean water in the washing tank.
Sloped belt for improved drying of the olives.


      OPTIMA L10

      Installed power [kW] 1.9
      Total width [mm] 1150
      Total length [mm] 3250
      Total height [mm] 1550
      Weight [kg] 430

      OPTIMA L20

      Installed power [kW] 2.7
      Total width [mm] 1520
      Total length [mm] 3600
      Total height [mm] 1550
      Weight [kg] 580

      OPTIMA L30

      Installed power [kW] 4.9
      Total width [mm] 1520
      Total length [mm] 3760
      Total height [mm] 1550
      Weight [kg] 670
The company reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.