Pieralisi hydro-stone rake

Hydro-stone rake

The hydro-stone rake is designed to separate rocks, stones when processing olives harvested from the ground at medium-large sized oil mills. The combined action of the stream of water and the special layout of the belt makes it possible to separate the olives from any rocks or other foreign matter. The solid matter is discharged automatically. When operated in combination with Pieralisi washing machines, the hydro-stone rake is able to process up to about 8,000 kg/hour.

• Made of stainless steel
• 2 water pumps
• special olive draining belt
• belt to remove stones from the tank runs continuously
• complete with motor drive and electrical control panel.

Technical Data

Installed power [kW] 10.20
Total length [mm] 4030
Total width [mm] 1325
Total height [mm] 2040
The company reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.