Pieralisi stainless Steel leaves and branches remover FP 35


The special device makes possible to reuse any drupes that remain attached to twigs.

The considerable amount of raw material is recovered automatically and the machine discharges the twigs without olives and leaves on one side and, on the other side, the clean olives are routed to the other olives.

Like all Pieralisi machinery used for processing olives, before proceeding to the washing stage, the twig remover is designed and built to prevent, when drupes pass through, impact or contact with metal parts that could cause the olive skin to tear, thereby preventing the dispersion of oil while processing the paste.

The twig and leaf remover operates automatically and continuously, feeding the olives directly into Pieralisi washing machines.


      FP 35

      Installed power [kW] 4
      Total length [mm] 2030
      Total width [mm] 1220
      Total height [mm] 1160

      FP 75

      Installed power [kW] 6
      Total length [mm] 2820
      Total width [mm] 3080
      Total height [mm] 2910
The company reserves the right to change specifications without prior notification.