recycling area


Pieralisi Group is the World’s Leading Company for Separation Technology by centrifugal force. The expertise of our qualified personnel staff enables the us to to offer our Recycling Area customers process solutions, which set the worldwide standard for economy, efficiency and sustained environmental protection in the treatment of recycling processes .
In Regards to applications in Recycling Area Pieralisi provides efficient solutions to treatment processes for Drilling Mud, Treatment and recycling of Industrial Fluids, recycling of Polymers and their respective recyclables, Recycling of services water in industrial processes and many other applications.


Cleaning liquids Distillation residues
Cleaning liquids in rolling mills Ink
Pigments Flue gas scrubbing
Radioactive water Drilling fluids
Skimming degrasing bath Bottle rinsing solutions
Cellulose Cooling lubrication liquids
Chrome oxide (leather ind.) Catalyst recicling
Oily water