Today by means of modern technology, animal by-products are converted to valuable market products.
Pieralisi with over 50 years of experience with Decanter Centrifuges can offer end users as well to dedicated process engineering companies several two and three phases separation solutions with superior product quality, lower investment costs, lower product waste and lower energy consumptions.

Pieralisi Process Specialists support customers for the right equipment selection according specific process demands, the optimization of process parameters in order to achieve the required results, on site equipment monitoring and fine-tuning for best quality and performance.
For the Animal based products industry Pieralisi supply decanters for the dry and wet processing, where Grease is removed from the light fat phase and Disc Stack Separators used to purify fat from small solids particles and water to achieve top product quality.



Clear meat broth Fish flawer
Fish broth (de-oling) Animal fats
Fish broth (clarification) Fish oil polishing
Chiken broth Animal blood
Meat flawer Tallow
Meat processing