Vegetable and animal milk products

Consumers are today more and more aware and informed and require to the food industry to provide healthy and wholesome food products that maintain their natural goodness and nutritional value over time, with competitive prices and long life.
Milk is certainly the most delicate raw food to be treated but even the simple drinking milk may contain different amounts of fat. If we consider the dairy products like butter, soft and hard cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, etc., it is clear how wide is the range of foods related to milk that require special equipments for their processing.

Nowadays, the vegetable milk products are gradually changing the eating habits of many people both for their nutritional values and their greater environmental and energy sustainability.

The separation process and the heat treatment of vegetable and animal milk products therefore require a deep knowledge of the field achieved by Pieralisi Group through years of experience, developing always new solutions to offer to their customers for all applications and process requirements of the milk and dairy industry.



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