Chemical Area


Chemical process engineering utilizes a wide range of different operations and derived technologies. Amongst those technologies, Separation Technologies using Filtration and Sedimentation play an important role for chemical production processes. In most cases the quality of the end-product significantly depends on the efficiency of separation processes, e.g.: separating impurities from the raw materials; two phase or three phase separation of reaction mixtures; separating (removal or recovery) of a catalyst; separating by-products or impurities from the end product; product recovery and pollutant recovery from waste streams.

Pieralisi's mission is to contribute to excellent Product Quality and Environmental Safety by supplying solutions and state-of-the-art centrifugal separation equipment as well as auxiliaries to facilitate the separation needs within chemical processing lines. The diversity of chemicals processes is as wide as the produced chemicals and their specific, custom made properties. All equipment used to facilitate these processes need to comply within individual reaction parameters and media properties, e.g. pH, temperature, solvents, abrasive materials. As processes are continuously developed to achieve better end-products and higher efficiency, the separation equipment, as part of the individual process, has to follow and accept the challenge derived from new methods and new products.


Ascorbic acid Horse chestnut extract Lysine
Citric acid Solvent extract Drugs
Tartaric acid Ethanol Hormones, steroids, sterines
Algae Ferritine Penicillin
Antibiotics Natural rubber Salt solution
Biodiesel Mineral fat Soap
Bioethanol Aluminium hydroxide Catalyst separation
Fermentation broth Insulin Bacteria suspension
Petrochemical substances Latex Vaccines
Enzymes Lignin Vitamins