Environmental Area


The continuous population increase, combined with the gradual decrease of the water resources of our planet, is changing the planet's approach towards the environment to a more careful one, in order to contain, reduce and where possible convert the waste that we produce every day into a more useful, less expensive form to reduce Disposal and Environmental Costs.

With this perspective Pieralisi has invested since decades, varied resources in the design and development of advanced solutions to meet market demands. The wide range of Pieralisi decanters is in fact successfully used by over 15,000 customers around the world for the volume reduction of biological and physical/chemical sludge of both Municipal and Industrial origin.
The well-known reliability and flexibility of use, together with the guarantee of Optimum performance that you can achieve with Pieralisi technologies, allow the lowest global operating costs for the customer, in terms of disposal, energy, chemical consumption, maintenance and, last but not least, the cost of labor.

Pieralisi solutions cover both the dynamic pre-thickening of sludge, usually before an anaerobic digestion, and the dewatering previous to disposal. In addition, Pieralisi Group is able to "finalize" the cycle of sludge, offering thermal drying technologies to be able to reduce the problem of sludge volume of over 98%, with consequent and proportional reduction of disposal costs.
Today Pieralisi technology is widely applied in plants that produce energy from Manure (biogas) and alternative energy production from biomass, and, in this industry, with more than 50 years of experience in centrifugal technologies, the Group is able to offer its customers customized solutions that satisfy the individual and particular needs.



Municipal waste Water purifying
Bio waste Pharmaceutical waste water
Breweries waste water Tannery waste wate
Fruit juice waste water Sugarbeet processing waste water
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