sludge heat-drying

Sludge heat-drying

After decades of experience in manufacturing thermal dryers for any type of sludge, Pieralisi today is capable to supply the best technology to minimize or even solve the problem and the costs related to their disposal.

  • Primary sludge treatment
  • Biological sludge
  • Physical-chemical sludge
  • Agro-industrial sludge

The dryer is totally automated and easy to use


  • 75% reductionof the sludge volume to be disposed of
  • waste products acquire value
  • less use of dumps
  • it generates class-A sludge for agricultural purposes
  • self-sustainable in the treatment of waste water from bio digesters
  • low handling and maintenance costs
  • reduced assembly and installation costs
  • low temperature of output sludge (about 40°C) without the need for cooling
  • easy to use
  • vacuum functioning to avoid gases or dust emission
  • clean plant, odorless and with a low environmental impact