Hitachi Zosen Inova, Swiss company leader in the sector of energy recovery from thermal and biological waste, has embraced the challenge of building the first Kompogas® (that is, Hitachi’s patented process) plant in the United States.

Biowaste from the landfills, once it decays, produces methane, one of the most important resources for sierra gas emissions. Worldwide, biowaste treatment plants accounts for 8% of total global emissions. As of 2015, in the United States alone that percentage represents a much higher figure: 15%. Last year, Hitachi Zosen Inova made the commitment to “conquer” the business in the America exactly for this untapped profitable potential, as well as for the ability to help the local communities as well as the country as a whole in recovering much more energy from bio-waste.

Pieralisi Group is proud to be able to have participated in Hitachi’s project by supplying a dewatering unit MAIOR 3 HS, which has contributed significantly to the company undergoing success.

See the following link to look at the details of the project: