Water treatment system, a big win for Pieralisi

Pieralisi wins the largest European commission for supplying sludge dewatering stations of civil sewage. A contract worth 11.4 million, commissioned by Acquedotto Pugliese Spa, the public company that manages the integrated water service of the region. Pieralisi will provide 48 different localities in Puglia with water treatment systems by virtue of the best offer - technical and economic - presented on three of the four lots in which the tender was divided. An important order for the company that confirms its national leadership in this segment with long-standing agreement with the major national companies in the sector - starting with Acea in Rome – and with significant installations even abroad in China, States United, Brazil and, of course, Europe. In this new contract, it’s important to point out the incidence of the technical evaluation compared to the economic one (70% the first one; 30% the second one). Once selected the Italian and foreign companies admitted to the tender through a skimming of the technical capabilities, references and operational reliability, the assignment of the order was decided after parallel tests between all the competitors with identical mobile units. In this area, Pieralisi managed to offer the best reduction in the volumes of dehydrated sludge (it enables Acquedotto Pugliese to reduce the costs of the disposal in landfills) and a better quality of the clarified (outgoing water), with a consequently low impact on the environment. In this sense, Acquedotto Pugliese - presenting the new projects in the purification field in order to reduce management costs and enhance the by-products in a circular economy perspective - declared that its plants generate around 244 thousand tons of sludge annually, whose disposal rapresents one of the most significant items of expenditure for the company, amounting around 29 million euros par year. "The awarding of this tender which, due to its economic value, is the most important at European level - underlines the president Gennaro Pieralisi - confirms the result of the excellent performances that the project proposals of our Separation Solution division is able to guarantee. A result that highlights the continuity of work in the territory, in this case in the region of Puglia, where Pieralisi is deeply rooted, but also the effectiveness of the investments made in Separation technologies that enables our company to compete with the main global competitors reaching more than positive results. A success that strengthens the growing plans in the business of the water treatment but also in that of the environment, a field that became inescapable for companies, like ours, increasingly projected towards the future". Known worldwide for the production of olive oil machines, Pieralisi is increasingly specialized even in the industrial separation, from which it generates almost half of its business, operating in different areas: in addition to water treatment, the company is active in the food & beverage sectors, animal derived products and vegetable and animal milk products, refining of fuel and lubricating oils, processing of vegetable oils, as well as in the recycling of waste.