nuovo sito ricambi originali Pieralisi

The new website for Pieralisi original spare parts

Buy your original spare parts on line in the new web site Pieralisi. is our virtual shop created for you, that it could be to you quickly and easily order and buy your spare parts on line, wherever and whenever you want and to save money because on every purchase will be completed it will be applied a discount of 5%, also periodic promotional campaigns will be carried out dedicated exclusively for online shopping.

The virtual shop is full of details and images of the products with accurate information about the availability and mode of purchase and delivery, searching for spare parts is easy and intuitive, and a showcase will notify you when there will be new products and new promotions.

For each information and assistance in the purchase, contact us in the chat, our staff will be at your disposal to answer your questions in real time!

In addition, many products on offer waiting for you for the next 2013 Campaign Olearia only on: