Pieralisi Telecontrol


TcP - Pieralisi Telecontrol monitors the mechanical and electrical functionalities of the decanter centrifuge 24/7.
The customer can monitor, everywhere and at any time, the correct operation of the centrifugal extractor, receive real time alerts for maintenance and possible anomalies. Furthermore, Telecontrol allows Pieralisi service department to make preventive diagnosis remotely, give quick and efficient phone assistance and suggest any process optimisation side.
In combination with Pieralisi Maintenance Program, Telecontrol ensures:

  • the decanter lifetime
  • maintenance cost savings
  • machine-stops reductions

TcP allows to:

  1. remotely view the operation parameters
  2. optimize the preventive replacement of components
  3. diagnose and solve problems remotely with Pieralisi service, without intervention on site
  4. receive any anomalies and maintenance notification by SMS, email and Telegram
  5. store the decanter centrifuge operating data and configurations.

For info and activation

service@pieralisi.com - Phone +39 0731 231482


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