sludge heat-drying

Séchage boues

After decades of experience in manufacturing and operation of Thermal Dryers for any type of sludge, Pieralisi has the technology to minimize or even solve the sludge disposal problem.

  • Primary treatment sludge
  • Biological sludge
  • Physical-chemical sludge
  • Agro-industrial residues

The dryer is totally automated and of easy operation.


  • Reduction in 75% of the volume to find a new destine;
  • Aggregates value to the residue
  • It diminishes the necessity of using landfills
  • It generates “A” class sludge that can be used in agriculture;
  • Automatic system and easy to operate;
  • Self-sustainable in WWTP with biodigesters;
  • Low cost for operation and maintenance
  • Low cost for assembling and electromechanical installations;
  • Sludge temperature in the output around 40°C with no necessity of post-cooling;
  • Lower operational complexity;
  • Operation with negative pressure in the whole system, avoiding the emission of gases or dust;
  • Clean plant, odor free and with low particle emission.