Health indications on extravirgin olive oil

That the extra virgin olive oil is good for human health is well known and certified by hundreds of studies and research about food, but often the knowledge of its health properties remain luggage of specialists only.

EU Commission tried to fill the gap with the Regulation (EU) No. 432/2012 of 16 May 2012 that enables to write on food the health indications, different from those referring to the reduction of disease risk and to the development and health of children.
The Regulation provides an important opportunity to millers, in fact starting from next December 14, they will be able to inform directly consumers by indicating on their extra virgin olive oil that:
- Olive oil polyphenols contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress
- Linoleic acid contributes to maintain normal levels of cholesterol in the blood
- Replacing saturated fat with unsaturated fats contributes to maintain normal levels of cholesterol in the blood. The oleic acid is an unsaturated fat.

The terms of use specified in the Regulation and indicating the minimum quantities of each substance must be respected, to guarantee the consumer.