Mutti, just tomato!

In all Italian dishes for over 100 years. A tradition of flavours and innovation since 1899. Mutti, located in the heart of Food Valley in Parma, has settled the highest tomato quality as its only mission.

Market leader in the tomato concentrates, puree and pulp markets; with a focus on quality and constant innovation, Mutti is the portrait of the typical company of Parma area which has revolutionized the world of canning industries. In 1951 the company reached the top by launching the Tomato Concentrate into an aluminium tube.
Afterwards, Mutti introduces in the markets the tomato pulp, made of extremely thin pieces of tomato, as a result of its own exclusive production processing, and the tomato sauce, strengthening its worldwide success. Mutti is today the leader in all segments of tomato market, as testified by the following market shares: 48.3% for the concentrates, 32.3% for the pulp and 18.8 for the puree.

The research of the highest standards quality product is a constant target to Mutti, pursued through rigorous manufacturing processes and certificates. It is precisely with this aim that Mutti has choosen Pieralisi technologies.
The care and the attention paid by Mutti in the production processes reflect in the product itself. Since 1999 its products are certified as “Certificated Integrated Production”, obtained by Mutti succeeding over all checks and controls on every stage, from the harvest, through production, to distribution.
In 2001 Mutti adds NO GMO declaration and since 2010 the company is committed to the environmental sustainibility. With the cooperation of WWF and Tuschia University, Department for Innovation of Organic Agrifood and Forestry Systems, Mutti has been the very first in Italy and amongst few others in the world to calculate its “water footprint”, monitoring and reducing the water use in all the entire supply chain.


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