Braskem products are part of the lives of people around the world. This is because they are essential to the supply chains of several sectors.

"After inquire the market we found that  for dewatering sludge inorganic and organic Pieralisi stands out among the leading suppliers in this segment. We made visits in companies that had Pieralisi operating equipment, including Braskem UNIB 4 DCX Rio. They could also provide Centrifuge with peripherals in a SKID as we wished."

Braskem's industrial units are located in Brazil, United States and Germany, countries where the company also maintains business offices.

It also has commercial offices and bases in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, the Netherlands and Singapore to bring it closer to Clients worldwide.
Visit Braskem's units around the world.

Braskem's business strategy emphasizes providing highly qualified services to Clients worldwide, based on the premise of responsible and active operations in line with sustainable development.

To do so, the company has an outstanding structure supported by two units of its Technology & Innovation Center, modern laboratories, technical assistance and a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are always encouraged to innovate and identify opportunities that create benefits for Clients and society.


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