"Timashevskaya Poultry" LLC plays a leading role in rebuilding the poultry sector in the Samara region. Today the company is the largest poultry farm in the Samara region.

"Timashevskaya Poultry" LLC is designed to produce 140 thousand tons of poultry meat and meat products per year. The plant has new hatchery with best equipment, two feeding areas consisting of 72 poultry houses with floor brooding, slaughter plant with capacity of 4 million heads per hour, and shop processing slaughterhouse waste.

"Timashevskaya Poultry" LLC supplies products under the brand name "Samara Broiler" and is a vivid example of an embodiment of progressive ideas for growing and processing of poultry meat. Thanks to modern veterinary control and advanced technology company managed to achieve high performance in growing poultry, meat quality and ready-to-cook food. Veterinary, environmental and bio-security in the plant meets the most stringent requirements and standards.

Customer Benefits:

- Brand "Samara Broiler" - a strong local brand for the Volga region. Honest high quality, bright branded packaging products under the registered trademark ensures high customer demand. - Geographical location of the poultry farm (70 km from the regional center) allows always deliver fresh products to anywhere in the Volga region in the shortest possible time. -

Poultry Farm offers the widest range of products covering the needs of any retail organization.

In August 2013 at the poultry farm Timashevskaya Pieralisi specialists successfully launched three decanter centrifuges type FP600-RSM, supplied for dewatering of sewage sludge within waste water treatment plant.



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